About Us

Shenzhen Gloden Chain International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a company with love and ambition. The company takes "self-change and happy everyone" as its cultural orientation and "professional, sincere and reliable" as its service tenet. In the past 10 years of shipping, it has always prioritized quality. First, the concept of customer first provides customers with a personalized international logistics system, which is recognized and affirmed by our customers. The company has strong strength. The management and operation personnel have undergone professional logistics training. quality team; thus ensuring the safety of the goods.

We are in line with the tenet of service first and customer first; we are anxious about what customers are anxious about, and what customers have not thought about; to provide you with the best quality and efficient service; we are willing to be your small business in international trade. Stepping stone, contribute to the development of your business.

Our Advantage
  • Precise


    More demand, accurate arrival to port, direct tracking, full tracking.

  • Professional


    Provide 10 years of professional air transport

  • Considerate


    Provide air freight quotation, transportation, terminal value-added services, va

  • Cost-Effective


    Professional, powerful resources, to provide you with the most cost-effective se

Our Advantage

  • 电话直呼

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